Yellow Goatsbeard - Tragopogon pratensis (Composite Family - Compositae)


Yellow Goatsbeard - Tragopogon pratensis (Composite Family - Compositae) Flower is 1" in diameter, composite, overlapping square-tipped rays with slender bracts extending beyond rays; solitary; terminal. The leaves are grasslike and sessile, clasping base, entire, alternate. In bloom from May to October. Habitat-range: fields, rocky banks, roadsides.




The dandelion-like flowers close by midday. If you overlook the flower, the large, fluffy seed head will catch your attention. This seed head accounts for its common a generic names (from Greek tragos, "goat" and pogon, "beard.") Milky juice from the stem and roots was used to treat gallstones, and the Native Americans coagulated it into a chewing gum used for indigestion. Boiled roots were used as cooked vegetables and young lower leaves were served in salads or as cooked greens.

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