Indian Strawberry - Duchesnea indica (Rose family - rosaceae)


Indian Strawberry - Duchesnea indica Rose family - rosaceae) A strawberry-like, trailing plant with yellow flowers, each rising from the axil of a 3-parted leaf. Flowrs are ¾ in. wide, 5 sepals and petals; numerous stamens. Back of the flowers bears 5, 3-toothed, leaf-like bracts that are longer than the sepals and petals. The fruit resembles a strawberry but is tasteless. Creeper with flower stalks to 3" high. April- June. Waste places, disturbed areas.



This plant is an introduction from India, which accounts for the species and common names. The genus name honors Antoine Nicolas Duschesne, a 17th- and early 18th- century botanist who wrote a study on Fragaria, the genus to which the true Strawberry belongs. This plant may be confused with Common Cinquefoil (Potentilla simplex), which, however, has 5 leaflets.

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